Adventures in .NET and Angular

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In this series we will look at setting up our first Angular and ASP.NET Core web application with a SQL Server backend. We will hook up various aspects like logging and identity framework.

Adding JWT to IdentityServer4 and Angular

February 02, 2019

We will add JWT to our ASP.NET Core with IdentityServer4 and Angular setup.

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Getting started with ASP.NET Core IdentityServer 4 and Angular

January 18, 2019

We will setup IdentityServer 4 in SQL Server and create a simple Angular registration page.

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Connecting Angular with ASP.NET Core

January 13, 2019

We will connect Angular and ASP.NET Core and create a test API call.

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Getting started with Clarity Design System

January 05, 2019

We will have a look at the VMWare Clarity Design System and how to implement a basic layout in our web application.

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Getting started with ASP.NET Core

January 01, 2019

In this post we will setup Visual Studio and create our first ASP.NET Core application.

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Getting started with Angular

December 27, 2018

This is the first blog in a series where we will dive in the world of Angular and ASP.NET Core. In this first post we will setup a new Angular project and have a quick look over the generated files.

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